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Adam Dimech

Dr. Adam Dimech has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Horticulture (with Honours) and a PhD from the University of Melbourne, where he has also previously worked as a demonstrator and fill-in lecturer.

Adam has a passion for writing to both academic and lay audiences.

Adam presently works as a research scientist at the Biosciences Research Division of the Department of Primary Industries, in the Melbourne suburb of Bundoora. Aside from conducting scientific research into Victoria's pasture grasses, Adam works with PhD students on a day-to-day basis. Adam is frequently asked to review thesis chapters, manuscripts and conference abstracts as well as reports and presentations.

Adam specialises in working with English as a Second Language (ESL) students and has a broad experience working with undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Adam has previously worked at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne and the University of Melbourne. Adam has several years' demonstrating experience (teaching plant physiology and botany to undergraduate students) at both the Parkville and Burnley campuses of the University of Melbourne. Adam served as an elected Councillor at the University of Melbourne Postgraduate Association (UMPA, now Graduate Student Association) between 2003-6.

Adam has published extensively in his own right, including as a first author on manuscripts in Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture and Cunninghamia. A full list of publications can be accessed here. Adam has also published many non-technical articles in numerous minor publications including Postgraduate Review and Botanic News.

Dr. Adam Dimech was born in Melbourne, Australia and is a native-speaker of English. In between work, he enjoys photography.

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